Ljohns blog

May 9, 2018


My husband and I started traveling together since 2016, due to his job assignment. My husband keeps going back and fort to south east Asia, Europe and sometimes other side of the world like remote places in mainland china. My first trips to China were March of 2015 and December 2015, then started going back and fort with my husband until his company asked him to stay and help with his division here in Shanghai and in Kunshan province. I go on his trips once in awhile especially if its only here in china, 2 hours by plane or by train. My husband and I love to travel, the Lord bless us so much that we are able to see lot of places and meet different people as well as share God's love to them by means of knowing their culture and to interact with them. Chinese people are nice and friendly. 

We Love Serving the Lord.